Sami Luukela

I am Sami Luukela, a 26-year-old communications specialist from Oulu, Finland. I graduated from Oulu University of Applied Sciences in June 2022 as Bachelor of Culture and Arts, from the Degree Programme in Communication.

During my career, I have worked as a journalist, content developer, podcast host and producer, as well as a festival assistant and communications trainee.

During my studies, I was a student activist and served as Chair of the Board of the Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences in 2020 and 2021.

I have been a Eurovision journalist since 2014 and have also established myself as a Eurovision expert. For example, I have helped selecting the Finnish representative for Eurovision twice.


As a freelance journalist, I have written for several news sites, including Mun Oulu, the online media of the City of Oulu.

In addition, I have been able to write columns during my career as a student activist.

Social media

Social media is a very familiar platform for me. In addition on using social media as a tool for communication and marketing, I have also had commercial cooperation with companies.

Audio and video

I am familiar with podcast and video production. I have been a producer for a video series and hosted and produced a podcast of the Oulu August Festival. I also have expertise in radio work.

Eurovision Song Contest

I have been an accredited journalist at the Eurovision Song Contest on seven occasions.

My expertise in Eurovision has been recognised by the Finnish national broadcaster Yle, The Guardian and The Irish Times among others.